Meet Becca

Entrepreneur Educator. Motivational Speaker. Founder of The BITMOR™ Method. On a mission to help women tap into their extraordinary potential.

Hello Beautiful, and Welcome!

My Goal is to Educate and Empower You with Practical Strategies, Micro-Actions, and Spiritual Style.


Hi there, I’m Becca Starr!


I’m the little powerhouse behind our business and the Creator of The BITMOR Method.


I’m here to inspire you to be your smart, sexy, fierce self and here’s why…


I'm wondering if you're like me and you know how to make things look good, even if they're not. 


Can you relate?


I was a ninja at doing what I needed to do to survive.


I could pull it together like nobody's business and kept pushing forward.


I was a healer and a spa owner and I was blessed in many ways, married to my soulmate and living a rockstar life in Southern California.


Everything looked amazing.


I ‘should' have been at one of the best places of my life but...


I was utterly depressed.


It was time to do something different.


I didn’t want to own spas anymore, my body was tired from doing bodywork, and my self care had shot down the sewer.


I was playing it safe. Really safe.


The fear of giving up the security I spent years building was too overwhelming.


I was lost and I didn’t know what to do.


I continued to ignore that little voice, I kept pushing it away.


And then one day...


I was in an appointment giving a massage and all of a sudden there was a loud SNAP in my forearm.


It was excruciating.


I was terrified. This was just the beginning of a very long road towards physical healing.


The Universe


It tries to speak to us.


Its messages can be sweet and funny and gentle.


If the messages aren't getting through to us, it gets a little louder.


And then louder, and louder.


If we still don’t listen, it has the power to dramatically interrupt our entire lives.


Believe it or not, as painful as those show stoppers are, it's always, truly for our good.


It's trying to help us.


I don't know exactly why, but I DO know...


We are not here to play it safe.


We’re not here to stay stuck, or to simply survive.


We are here to THRIVE.


We’re here to be and feel and do extraordinary.


We’re here to share unique, badass gifts that only we have to share.


And guess what?


When you tap into those gifts and combine it with the work you do ...extraordinary miracles begin to happen.


I'm happy to say that my story has an beautiful ending (so far) but we’re not here to talk about me, are we?


We’re here to talk about YOU.


What are YOU ignoring?


What do you REALLY want?


What are your FEARS?


What’s stopping you?


As Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figureoutable” and that is exactly what we do together.


My workshops and coaching aren’t right for everyone.


They’re for women who are ready to commit to their dreams, not for those who are interested in them.


It’s for women who are ready to embody skills that make them stand out and fill a gap that only you can fill in this world.


It’s for women who are ready to connect with their true purpose for being here, unapologetically.


It’s for women who are ready for all this and more, and who are ready for a chick from the projects to take them from bottom barrel unfulfilling days, to a “hell yeah, I can do anything, and I will” lifestyle.


It's possible, my friend.


I know this because that’s what I've done, over and over.


My secret sauce for success can be distilled into a few principles that I teach in The BITMOR Method.


I've experienced enourmous freedom and fulfillment through Entrepreneurship.

To discover your dream business by using your life experience, register for my next MASTERCLASS. It's free and you can watch it online.

If you're looking for inspiration and support, join our Private Facebook Group.


I’d love to talk with you and hear what you’re doing to make this world a better place.

The BITMORâ„¢ Method

I created The BITMOR™ Method to help you find happiness the moment you begin using it & to show you how to easily attract events, people, & ideas that lead to an extraordinary shift in your life.

My promise to you is to give you everything you need to confidently take steps to create an extraordinary life.


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